Member Reviews - NYO "Top Music Schools"

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Davin Lee:

At  the New Youth Orchestra the directors constantly find great  opportunities for the students. The students are encouraged to get  involved in multiple aspects of music, such as chamber ensembles and  solo competitions, in addition to the larger ensembles, to further their  growth as both musicians and people. The accomplished instructors coach  with detail and care, allowing the students to learn and express the  beauty of their instruments, in a way unique to NYO.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Eugenia Tzeng:

 I  have been with NYO since the year it started. Being a part of this  orchestra has really helped me grow to the musician I am today. Through  this orchestra experience, I have learned many things including how to  work with others. The environment that NYO provides is like no other  that I have been to and has truly helped me grow as a musician. The  staff at NYO is excellent and is very supportive of everything.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO parent member Ken Evans:

NYO's  pursuit for excellence has challenged both of our children to become  more competent as musicians. Mario, John and Miguel Ramirez like to do  things right! They inspire members to do more and be more! The challenge  is always met with an outstanding performance at the end of each  semester. We are impressed with the management and the quality of  training. Our kids look forward to every Saturday practice- a highlight  of the week!

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Jason Hurlbut:

Nothing  can be more satisfying for a young musician than a rehearsal with one  NYO's top ensembles. The instructors' attention to the smallest details  of whatever piece is being worked on, respect for the composers'  intentions and belief in the abilities of every student creates an  experience that is both challenging and rewarding, all the while  maintaining a cordial, even jovial, atmosphere. Whether it be an intense  chamber music session (and by intense I mean  two-hours-spent-perfecting-fifteen-seconds-of-music intense) or  listening to recordings of a symphony (with pizza!) and discussing as a  group how our performance could improve, I am always sure to be welcomed  at NYO by a community where true talent is appreciated.

NYO is most definitely one of the top music schools in the world for youth musicians.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO parent member Steve Rosenbaum:

The  New Youth Orchestra is one of the most unique and special top music  schools in the us for young musicians. The quality instruction is  excellent and it is easy to see that every one of the principal staff,  as well as each specialist, cares deeply for the the kids and their  development as world-class players. The rehearsals are intensive and  enjoyable learning experiences for each of the orchestra members.  Finally, the sound of each of the orchestras (divided by levels), as  evidenced at their semi annual concerts, is beyond what you would ever  expect from ensembles composed of such young musicians.

My daughter loves to play with this organization and I am so happy we are members!

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Zack Edwards:

NYO  has given me great opportunities to grow as a musician. The small  ensembles have required me to learn my part and play my very best since  every person's role is essential. My tone, intonation, and rhythmic  accuracy have improved as a result of these rigorous practices. Also,  NYO pushes students with challenging repertoire that they have never  been exposed to or have even heard of. I fell in love with some of the  pieces which I practiced and performed, learning about new composers and  styles of music. Lastly, the overall atmosphere is innocuous and  supportive while still maintaining friendly competition.