NYO New Youth Orchestra Program - Top Music School

Bello Level, for Exceptional Performers

The  amazing and beautiful (Bello) sounds that are produced by the ensembles  in this level during each performance truly earn this program its  title. Members are held to the highest standards musically and  technically. 

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San Diego Premier Symphony

San Diego Select Wind Ensemble

San Diego Grand Symphony*

San Diego Grand Wind Philharmonic*

Chamber Orchestra*

(NYO  New Youth Orchestra program and band program is not just a neighborhood music school, it is considered to be one of the nations top music schools.  Join us and experience music success)

Ottimo Level, for Advanced Performers

We  set the bar to excellent (Ottimo) as members are required to perform at  a very high level both individually and as a group.  They will refine  and master advanced musical and technical skills as they are introduced  to repertoire that has been selected to challenge and inspire.

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Elite Symphony

Elite Wind Ensemble

Elite Philharmonic *

Elite Wind Philharmonic*

Cresente Level, for High-Intermediate Performers

Growing  (Crescente) rapidly as young musicians with great habits and high  expectations, here members greatly increase their knowledge and  understanding of ensemble performance. This level is a critical bridge  for those who want to catapult into the higher ensembles. 

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Junior Elite Symphony
Concert Band

Junior Elite Philharmonic*

Inizio Level, for Intermediate Performers

This  is a very important beginning (Inizio) point for serious young  musicians. We accept motivated students who have some experience  performing on their instruments and train them to fully understand the  most basic concepts of orchestral performance.

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Orchestra 1

Band 1

Philharmonic 1*

Tuition Pricing - Call 617-680-6234 for more information

Tuition Rates for all NYO Program Level Memberships

  • Full Season Membership for Continuing Members $750.00

  • Full Season Membership for New Members $500.00

  • Mid-Season Membership for New Members $250