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Sign up today for the NYO New Youth Orchestra Program 2018-2019 season orchestra auditions.

If you or your family members have been looking more from a musical  experience, NYO has the solution! We know music, we know teaching and we  definitely know how to challenge and inspire.

Our roster of artistic staff of conductors and coaches are caring teachers as well as top musicians. As a matter of fact, NYO New Youth Orchestra is the only youth orchestra program in San Diego staffed bottom to top by real musicians. It makes all the difference!!

Complete  the online form now to schedule for our upcoming 2018-2019 season  symphony orchestra auditions or band auditions. 

We will contact you to schedule you for the upcoming August auditions for the 2018-2019 season. We will be able to find a convenient date and time during Saturday or Sunday afternoon on August 18th or 19th. Remember that you will save $250 off of the regular tuition price of $750 if you pay before the August 20th deadline. 


Visit these two important pages for more details before signing up.

2018-2019 Rehearsal Schedule for all NYO ensembles

NYO Program description for all levels and ensembles

Also below, get the answers to most of your important questions.

Q&A: Get the info you need about NYO 2018-2019 Season auditions

Why join the NYO New Youth Orchestra Program?

NYO is  a great place to improve the ensemble skills of young musicians.   It's  also a great place to be surrounded by others who have similar musical  interests. 

What levels and instruments are accepted into the ensembles?

Here, there's a place for all levels, from intermediate to super advanced. We have seven core ensembles for ages 7 to 25. 

Orchestras are  open to mostly string players and bands are open to woodwind and brass  players. Selected wind performers are chosen and placed into our more advanced orchestras.

What are the requirements for auditions?

All performers  are required to perform a solo of their choice. One that  would best  provide an example of the performers quality of tone, rhythm and  musicianship.

Also a hand full of scales will be required. 

Lastly, music sight reading will be given at the audition to test each students reading ability.

Where are the auditions held?

All auditions as well as weekly rehearsals are conveniently held at our wonderful facilities in Sorrento Valley. 

When are the rehearsals and is there a strict policy for attendance?

All rehearsals are held on Saturdays each weekend. We allow for three rehearsal absences per semester, but concerts are required in order to continue as a NYO member in good standing.

How do I sign up?

It's  easy, use the link below and just complete the following simple application form. Then someone will contact you to schedule a convenient date and time.


For more Questions & Answers, visit our FAQS page