NYO Solo Competition

First Round NYO Solo Competition February 18th, 2018

NYO Solo Competition 2018 Qualifying Round

The  qualifying round will require the student contestant to perform a piece  of their choice that shows an example of the level of musicianship and  technique of that player. No accompanist required for this music  competition round.

Important  Note: There is no cost to participate in this event, but members must  be fully paid for the 2018-2019 season to participate in the first round  of this competition.  Deadline for application and tuition payment is  Sunday February 11th, 2018

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Make the 2018-2019 season tuition payment (single member)

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Second Round NYO Solo Competition June 17th, 2018

NYO Solo Competition 2018 Second Round
A repertoire list of music will be provided after the first round to  those who are selected to continue on to the second round of this  competition. Accompanist required.

Final Round NYO Solo Competition November 4th, 2018 5:00 pm

NYO Solo Competition 2018 Finals
Finalist that where selected to continue to this last round will play  the solo piece that was prepared from the second round and will be  performing in a "recital style" public concert along with the other  finalists. 

Competition Details


Venue: NYO New Youth Orchestra San Diego
Address:10855 Sorrento Valley Rd #3, San Diego, CA. 92121.  

Official URL:

Category: Competition

Ticket: General Admission
Price: No Cost


Price No Cost

NYO Solo Competition Rules and Requirements

Solo competition participants must provide 2 copies of the piece that  will be performed at the first round. This selection is the one of their  choice. On the first week of March, all participants at that date will  be given results and the music titles that they need to order and  practice for the second and final round. These are the same pieces that  the winners of the competition will perform with the Orchestra or Band  during the Spring concert solo performance opportunity. Participants  must bring 6 copies of their piece to the second round and just the  original for the final round. If the music is not produced at the final  round, this may be grounds to eliminated.



Piano accompanists are not needed for the first round of this  competition. Piano accompanists are required for the second and final  rounds. This service is not provided by New Youth Orchestra, all  participants are responsible to search, hire and practice with their own  piano accompanists. Private teachers can help locate the appropriate accompanist for this music competition.


Results and certificates

All members will be given their results after all three rounds.  Certificates of participation will be provided to finalists who  participate in the second round. Certificates of achievement and cash  awards will be handed out to the winners at a ceremony immediately after  the intermediate and advanced Spring concert programs.


If for any reason you may not participate in  any of these events due to your schedule, please inform us as soon as  possible. Any participant who cannot make any of our rounds or  additional requirements will be eliminated from the competition. 


If a winner receives a prize, that person  must be an active member of the NYO for the complete following season  and that person is required to follow the NYO member policies at all  times. If for any reason this person cannot fulfill the minimum  requirements that are necessary to complete their responsibilities as a  NYO soloist competition winner or has to be dismissed from the NYO  organization, the title and awarded scholarship will be removed and all  certificates must be turned back into NYO.  The New Youth Orchestra  reserves the right to take away any prize and membership to anyone who  receives an award who cannot maintain the general policies set by this  organization. 


If for any reason there are not sufficient  participants and/or the level of performance does not meet the standards  that NYO requires, any category can be eliminated from the competition.  NYO reserves the right to make any changes in any form that may be  necessary at any time, in any case, all participants will be advised of  those changes via the NYO website, and/or email and/or social media. 

NYO Solo Competition Prize Awards

An  amount of cash prizes will also be awarded to winners, but this cash  prize will be distributed to the winners after the last concert of  the season.

NYO New Youth Orchestra Solo Competition Categories are provided below.

Category list of Cash Prizes 

Category #1 - Exceptional Performer Level (Strings) $300 cash

Category #2 - Exceptional Performer Level (Winds) $300 cash 
Category #3 - High Advanced Performer Level  $150 cash 

Category #4 - Advanced Performer Level  $150 cash 

Category #5 - Lower Advanced Level  $150 cash 

Category #6 - High Intermediate Level $150 cash 

Category #7 - Intermediate Level  $150 cash